Malcolm Buckley Psychic Medium

Malcolm Buckley

Psychic Medium

'A bridge between two worlds'

'A bridge between two worlds'


Please contact me through my mobile or home contact numbers, or email me to discuss the details of your reading.

During the call we will discuss your requirements of a, 'in person' private sitting, or telephone/Skype call.   We shall also confirm the date and time of your appointment.

I will clarify the payment details which is a very quick and easy paypal invoice, in which you can also pay via Debit/Credit card.

PLEASE NOTE:   For all Private 'in person' sittings, I would need to make a small charge, to cover my fuel cost, in addition to my normal fee.

Door opening into clouds

We are all lifelong students, and I am consistently learning, studying and seeking to gain knowledge that will help me to become a clearer Medium for spirit’s work, it is my intention that I grow as a person, and evolve as a spirit being to become a true clear channel for spirit in this lifetime.

Above all, my sole purpose for my services as a Medium are sourced in the love you hold for your family and friends in spirit, and the love in which they hold for you.

‘If you knew who walks beside you, at all times, on the pathway you have chosen, you could never feel fear or doubt again’

Know this and know it well…. Your family, friends, guides and helpers of the spirit realm are always with you, beside you, behind you, around you and within you, they are always just a breath, just a thought, just a heartbeat away.

Disclaimer:   I cannot and will not undermine my beliefs by agreeing to the statement that Clairvoyance and Mediumship is ‘for Entertainment purposes’ only.   However, recent changes in the Law governing private sittings and telephone readings are acknowledged by me, though not accepted.   Please be aware that by booking an ‘in person’ private sitting or Telephone reading with me, you are paying to partake in and witness an experiment, and to experience a demonstration of Spiritual Mediumship.   I will attempt to make contact with your loved ones in the spirit world with the intention of allowing them to provide evidence of their continued existence by bringing messages from them to you here.   There can be no guarantees that you will receive any personal messages, or of the content of any message that may be received.   It is your own responsibility to either accept or reject the information brought forward and you alone must make a freewill decision on how you act in view of it.

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