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"If this book, my gift to you, can be of any value to you, you have in turn helped me as well as all of us, because the pain you feel is not only your pain but the pain of the world.  Separateness is an illusion, when you heal yourself, you heal the world"    John Ruskan 1993

Emotional Clearing

John Ruskan Emotional Clearing

Having trained with John Ruskan, Founder, Creator & Author of Emotional Clearing, I was delighted & honored to become Certified as an Emotional Clearing Facilitator (CECF).    The Emotional Clearing Process John developed in the mid nineties, is a brilliant, original synthesis of Eastern Spiritual & Western Psychological principles.

Emotional Clearing is a safe, gentle yet powerful guided process that enables you to release difficult or painful feelings, enabling you to reach your full potential, and allow you to attain radiant emotional health, with physical benefits.

Often, though no fault of our own, we find difficult feelings have built up within us.

We carry these feelings with us and they influence us greatly, limiting the quality of our lives, undermining relationships, and preventing us from achieving our goals professionally.

Sometimes we may try to push them away, or “think positive”, but this doesn’t work, and the feelings only come back at us later from their suppressed place when something or someone upsets us.

If left unchecked, these feelings accumulate, they may result in depression, motivating us into compensating behavior such as alcohol or drug abuse, maybe excessive food consumption in an attempt to cope.

As we clear these feelings directly, the need to compensate for them falls away, and we are no longer drawn into negatively ‘acting out’.

It’s a fact that many well-known holistic spokespersons have emphasized the connection between the build up of inner negative emotions & energy in the body with poor health at every level.

Alongside holistic/medical interventions, clearing the emotional component of any poor health condition is an essential part to regaining permanent well-being.

Emotional Clearing is not a superficial quick-fix, but goes to the deep core structure that keeps any feeling recurring. It’s inner resistance that causes the pain. I will help you learn how to accept & experience hurtful feelings thereby minimizing pain.

The work you do here will be significant, addressing major life patterns and allowing them to realign themselves in positive ways.

It is a spiritual program, removing emotional blocks to the evolutionary expansion of consciousness, opening the doors to unconscious high level guidance, and will fit in with any spiritual path you may be on.

The work may be considered to be both short or long term.

Usually when starting the work, dramatic releases occur quickly in the first few sessions, and major life shifts can follow soon after.

It becomes apparent how much our negative, suppressed feelings have been influencing our perceptions of our world, limiting us, and attracting negative conditions or people.

We realize that the core patterns we are addressing during the work, have formed over long periods of time, if not lifetimes, therefore it may be unrealistic to expect complete overnight change.

Maybe 5 or 10 sessions with me, then, having cleared some major feelings and learned the tools, a client could continue to work on their own, maintaining a balanced and aligned, emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological state of being.

It’s been found through extensive experience that telephone counseling is just as effective as ‘in person’work.

What is Emotional Clearing like?

Under my gentle guidance you will sit or lie as you prefer, with closed eyes, and then I will lead you into a deep alpha-state relaxation using a unique, powerful induction technique.

The first stage of the work is to familiarize you with this new deep meditation technique, where many superficial stressful feelings automatically evaporate of themselves right here.

Once you are comfortable, I will guide you to explore your emotional issues in the same alpha-state.

In addition to the feelings of which you are aware, it is likely that other, more primary core feelings will emerge from the subconscious into your conscious awareness.

I will guide you to release all these feelings inwardly, using unique, proprietary techniques, resulting in a thorough cleansing.

No outward expression of feelings is required.

Releasing is effected through the deep inner experiencing of the feelings.

It is a spiritual experience of healing, in the presence of Universal healing energies that as a trained facilitator, I am trained to awaken in you.

With a strong sense of inner peacefulness and witnessing, the process is safe and gentle, even with very painful feelings.

What life conditions do I work with?

•  Depression, General emotional discontent
•  Anxiety, fear about personal safety or money
•  Anger, powerlessness, helplessness, sadness
•  Sexual frustration, incapacity, or negative ‘acting out’
•  Lack of nurturing in your life
•  Self-esteem issues, frustration obtaining goals, self sabotage traits
•  Heartbreak, loneliness, jealousy, hatred
•  Relationships, primary, birth family, loved ones, co-workers, children
•  Addictions (soft & hard), including drugs, alcohol, smoking, shopping, sex

The Emotional component of any health condition, including pain management.

This is an outline of the Emotional Clearing Process, and I’ll be delighted to offer any further information on request.


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