Malcolm Buckley Psychic Medium

Malcolm Buckley

Psychic Medium

'A bridge between two worlds'

'A bridge between two worlds'


Malcolm Buckley | Psychic Medium

Hi,  I'm Malcolm, I am so pleased you stopped by, why not rest a while, grab a coffee and take a few moments to visit my website.

You are most welcome, I sincerely hope you will experience an element of peace and calmness, you owe it to yourself to daily 'step aside' and realign, rebalance and re-energise your entire being.    You may be searching for guidance, healing, comfort, reassurance, direction or to connect at a soul level to someone that understands, someone that cares, someone that may be able to assist you in finding the answers to questions you may be faced with.

About me

Based here on the Lincolnshire Coast for over 36 years, I have been working as a Spiritualist Psychic Medium for 17 of those years.

I have given 10's of thousands of private readings in that time.

As a professional channel for Spirits love, clients call me from all over the world, from all walks of life and it is my intention to serve their needs with compassion, understanding, empathy and honesty.


My magnificent guide ‘Lonewolf’ is always present during my work, whether I am on stage, on a church Platform, giving ‘in person’ sittings, or during a telephone reading.

Whatever life conditions and decisions you may be facing, your family, friends, guides and helpers of spirit wish to convey messages to you constantly. The wonder and truth of this statement is not affected by your belief, or lack of it, in the spirit world’s existence.

It matters not; the truth is not changed by your thoughts or feelings of it. They simply wish to assist you, to inspire, to support and encourage you, in whatever area of your life that may not be as you wish, whether it’s your career, your relationships, or maybe you are searching for your life purpose, your reason for being here……you will have one, believe me.

A reading with me in the presence of your loved ones may just be the light switch, the key to the door that you have been looking for, in these areas of your life path. As well as my private work, I have worked as an associate Consultant Medium for The Circle International Psychic network, also with Psychic Light, Best Mediums and Guiding Spirits.

For the past 5 years I have been working across the entire United States.  Having been approached to launch a team of UK Psychic Mediums into their Network based in California.

Your reading will be empowering, compassionate, honest and straight to the point.   There can be a world of difference between what you think you ‘want’, as opposed to what your loved ones in spirit know that you ‘need'.

The ‘need’ is always served by spirit…… it is simply the way of it.

Sometimes during a private sitting spirit will make their presence known in other ways, beyond what I might say as the Medium.

I was just ending a private sitting with a client, it had been a highly emotional and powerful sitting, I was recording it onto my trusty Sony portable cassette recorder with a built in microphone.  Yes, this was a little while ago!

Neither of us were aware of what had taken place, until my client played her tape back later that evening.   She phoned me, very excited, and told me to listen to the section of tape.  This is a very clear EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), and she said it had made many believers out of people she'd played it to.  Enjoy, this is truly an authentic recording of spirit's projected voice, oh by the way, my clients name was 'Eileen'.

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